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Jocelyn. 18. California.

It really sucks that I get extremely sad about this when it’s dark and I’m by myself. Spending time with you was awesome but my heart still hurts and I can’t help but just cry.. I know I need this though. As much as I wanted to keep trying, it’s better to try to make myself than try with someone who doesn’t feel the same way as I do. And I know I can get through this but deep inside my heart I know I’ll always be in love with him. He was my first everything.. maybe that’s why it’s so hard to move on

my heart is completely broken

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We all love someone way too fucking much.


i wanna lie on the floor and not think for a month or two.

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do you ever get in those moods where you don’t feel like reading and you don’t feel like being on the internet and you don’t feel like watching a show and you don’t feel like sleeping and you don’t feel like existing in general


It’s in words

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